Cooper's Private Collection
Cooper's Private Collection

Cooper's Private Collection

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For the ultimate coffee connoisseur, our Private Collection comprises of the world's most exclusive coffees, sourced by Cooper's and freshly-roasted in Jersey.

Throughout the year we will have these incredible and exclusive coffees available and one bag will be sent to you each month for six months. Some prime examples include:

- Jamaica - St Clouds Estate - Blue Mountain

- Brazil - Cerrado - Daterra Laurina

- Hawai'i - Big Island - Kona

- Costa Rica - Santa Maria de Dota - Batamba Red Honey

- Kenya - Mount Kinangop - Thangaini AA

- Colombia - Valle del Cauca - Granja la Esperanza

The perfect gift or adventure for any coffee lover who will enjoy a new tasting experience. Correspondingly, each coffee makes a great talking point for any dinner party.

Each bag will contain 250g of freshly roasted coffee, either ground to your specification or kept as wholebeans.

Click here to read David's blog on the story of how this collection came to be.