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Hawai'i Kona

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The famed ‘Kona Coffee Belt’ boasts some of the finest coffee in the world thanks to its young, volcanic soil. This area of farmland presents the perfect conditions for growing high-quality coffee: plenty of rainfall, temperatures ranging between 15°c to 25°c, and an elevation between 700-2000 feet above sea level.

The coffee we have selected for our Private Selection comes from Kona Coffee & Tea, a family-owned and operated single-estate farm. The farm is located in Waiono Meadows in the high elevations of Holualoa. It has 254 acres of farmland, with 130 acres planted exclusively with coffee. Kona Coffee & Tea celebrate the tremendous quality of Kona and its ties to Hawaiian culture and heritage, and are keen to share this hospitality with the rest of the coffee-consuming world. The company also works to uphold the outstanding reputation of Kona coffee across the globe, lobbying against those looking to plagiarise and counterfeit as a result of the rise of ‘Kona Blends’.

An absolutely stunning cup of coffee filled with notes of hazelnut, peach, fig, caramel, sweet almond and a wonderful creamy aftertaste. Pop into Halkett Place for a chat, cup or a bag of Kona, or visit www.cooper.co.je to order online for delivery.

Origin: Hawai’i, USA
Varietal: Arabica typica
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2000-3400 feet elevation