Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain

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 Flamstead Estate was founded by Ambassador Carlyle Dunkley in 1982 although this venerable estate has been growing coffee since 1764. Located at 1171 meters above sea level in St Andrews Parish, this is a superb family owned artisanal coffee. 

Here are a couple of facts that explain why this coffee is so special:

  • Every single bean is hand inspected. A colour sorter does not adequately detect minor insect damage or chips.
  • It takes twice as long as other coffees to mature.
  • Jamaica produces 14 million lbs of coffee a year. In comparison Ethiopia produces 800 million lbs.
  • At least 80% of the coffee is exported to Japan leaving just 20% for the rest of the world.
  • The beans are the flavour base of Tia Maria coffee Liqueur.  

A Christmas Special. Jamaica reserves its best Grade I green coffee beans for export and ships them to us for roasting in traditional barrels. 

Full bodied, smooth, medium roasted with light acidity and creamy finish, 100g bag.