Costa Rica Batamba (Red Honey)

Costa Rica Batamba (Red Honey)

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This is another brilliant addition to our “private collection” of coffees from around the world. Unlike many if its Central American neighbours Costa Rica has benefitted hugely from political stability. According to the “Freedom of the world” index it is the 37th most democratic country in the world, and the 12th happiest country in the world happiness report.
The first reference to the commercial production of coffee in Costa Rica is 1779 and coffee from this origin first appeared in the UK in 1843 when a Guernseyman, William Le Lacheur sent the first shipment. Up until World War 2 the UK was the principal importer of Costa Rican coffee.
Today there are eight recognised coffee growing regions in the most famous of which is Tarrazu. The coffee we have selected is from the Dota canton and in particular the district of Santa Maria which is located in the South West of the country. Finally the name Batamba is the part of the Santa Rosa farm on which this coffee is grown.

Tasting notes: Jasmine, honeysuckle, lime, toffee, coconut, chocolate, creamy.
Origin: Costa Rica

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Red honey

Altitude: 1750m