Cooper’s Private Collection

On Wednesday 25th November 2020 at 2 pm GMT the final piece of the jigsaw fell into place. We managed to purchase a limited edition coffee from the Brazil Daterra Masterpiece collection. I can picture a lot of blank faces right now, but rest assured there are only a handful of these coffees available in the world and one of these packages will be coming to Jersey in January 2021 forming part of our private collection of extraordinary coffees.

The idea was inspired by the purchasing this year of 3 barrels of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This is a special treat for many of our customers around the festive period. It may seem incredible but we will almost certainly sell out over the coming 5 weeks and then that will be it until November next year. So what if we could find a different exclusive coffee for each subsequent month? We set ourselves a challenge, to locate a further 5 extraordinary coffees to offer as a package or sell individually in-store and on-line. The list is truly star studded and once it’s gone it’s gone.

We’ve started with the most famous of them all - Jamaican Blue Mountain from the Parish of St. Andrews. That will be followed by the Brazil Daterra, Laurino varietal which in itself is as rare as hens’ teeth and that’s before you get to hear how it has been processed.

The list wouldn’t be complete if we omitted Hawaiian Kona, another world-famous coffee. Then there’s the infamous Geisha varietal from Santa Maria de Dota in Costa Rica with a price tag to make your eyes water!

The next two are from a couple of the most famous coffee growing countries in the world namely Colombia and Kenya. The Colombian coffee we have selected is from one of the finest estates in the country, Café Granja La Esperanza whilst the Kenyan coffee comes from the slopes of mount Kinangop, a double A grade from the Thangaini co-operative, one of the finest Kenya coffees available today.

This Private Collection is part of a rolling collection of the world's finest coffees tracked down by Coopers and roasted fresh in Halkett Place.

Please click on this link where you will be able to sign up to a 6 month package of Cooper’s Private Collection. This is not only for the connoisseur but makes a great talking point at any dinner party.  

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