Cuban – Altura Lavado Coffee

If you were to Google the top 30 coffees in the world, Cuban coffee would barely get a mention which in my view is a travesty. Like Myanmar, this country has suffered years of embargoes on its exports, particularly to the United States. On top of that there was the collapse of its main economic supporter, the Soviet Union. By 2007/08, total exports amounted to just 7,000 bags or around 20 containers of coffee. Today things are changing for the better and production is now more than 100,000 bags.

Altura Lavado is named after the tallest mountain in Cuba. 90% of all Cuban coffee is grown in the Sierra Maestra region. The structure of the industry is one of State run co-operatives. This means that the Government regulates the price paid to producers but luckily the quality produced has not been comprised.

The green coffee we receive is well processed and roasts very evenly which makes it less stressful for us roasters than other origins I could mention. So we are able to roast this coffee to a full medium colour just touching second crack level. The result is a super smooth coffee with just a hint of spiciness - we’re in gingerbread territory!

It’s wonderfully smooth as an espresso and for those of you who might be getting into speciality coffee for the first time, this is a great coffee on which to cut your teeth and to return to once you’ve given some more famous names a try.

For those of you who like a little more technical information the following will be of interest:

Variety: Typica, Catuai, Bourbon

MASL: 1000-1200

Grown: under shade

Harvest period: Jul-Feb

Location: Sierra Maestra

More usual forms of traceability are currently unavailable.

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