Espresso Machine Cleaning

The actual problem is overdosing the cleaning powder. 

An issue that has arisen over the last couple of months has been the clogging up of the valves found behind the group head of espresso machines. When engineers have attempted to establish why the water flow is being restricted they have found undissolved crystals of cleaning powder. The immediate reaction is that the crystals are not dissolving as they should during the cleaning process. This it turns out is not the case. The actual problem is overdosing the cleaning powder. 

Other products such as liquid cleaners are available as an alternative to powder, but are not as effective as the slower release of powder cleaners. Liquid cleaners tend to be flushed away after the very first cleaning cycle and thus there isn't a prolonged cleaning action taking place. 

The message therefore is to closely follow the manufacturers instructions and not overdose the cleaning powder when cleaning; not only will you save money on cleaning product, but you'll also have a clean operational machine which shouldn't require the attention of an engineer for some time.

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