Has it really been 4 years since Cooper's sponsored a Durrell Gorilla? Back then we used the empty space of what is now our IFC5 coffee shop as a studio for multi award-winning artist MrASingh who painted our Gorilla and has returned to paint our co-sponsored Tortoise; trust me it looks amazing. We have selected a design that uses a pattern of dots. It’s a nod to Aboriginal art from the 1970s. Storytelling using the medium of the humble dot; huge complexity delivered through such a simple form.

But isn’t this the case with so many things in life? I was running a coffee training session recently with a group of people who told me they were “passionate about coffee”. They knew what a “good” cup of coffee tasted like but had no concept as to how that was achieved. An hour and a half later and we had managed to scratch the surface. It is enjoyable though to explain by starting with a completely blank canvas and having that precious commodity called time.

In our sound-bite world it is increasingly difficult to communicate truly complex issues. I should know I’m in the world of politics and nothing could be more political and complex than putting a secure roof over someone’s head. When did we start believing that all this stuff is easy and summed up in 180 characters?

I was reflecting how interesting it is that a hugely thoughtful work of art should be applied to a tortoise, an animal that is in no hurry to go anywhere. Maybe there was something subliminal in the choice!

The concept of Jersey Zoo's Tortoise Trail is brilliant and more so because of the size of our Island with all its different land and seascapes so tightly packed together. Appreciating our Island whilst at the same time enjoying art and exercising will be such a positive experience for so many. You might even find time to enjoy a cup of Cooper's coffee along the way!

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