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  • Monsooned Malabar Coffee

    I wrote a blog about this coffee and its origins on the 5th January 2018 where I described it as a bit “Marmite”. Well a few weeks ago I was over in London and visited a famous Indian restaurant called Dishoom which can be found at 4 Derry Street, Kensington, London.
  • It's All In The Roast

    A couple of years ago I had the privilege of visiting Araku Valley in south east India. The "adventure" resulted in me writing a book "Big Ideas for a Small World" which talked about the huge efforts being made through the help of NAANDI to rebuild the eco-system.
  • Stories Behind Coffees - Aged & Monsooned

    The first thing to point out is the difference between “aged” coffee and simply “old” coffee. Truly aged coffee is carefully aged, usually for six months to three years, by regularly monitoring and rotating the beans to distribute moisture and even out the aging process between coffee bags. This prevents mould and rot from occurring. Coffee is usually aged at origin, and is often aged at a higher altitude, where the temperature and humidity are more stable than at lower elevations.