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  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

    Each year we find ourselves on tenterhooks as we await confirmation that the coffee has reached Jersey. Of course this year was no different. Just as the coffee was about to leave Southampton a storm blew up and the boat was cancelled. Nothing particularly unusual there you might think, but you’d be wrong.
  • Decaffeinated Coffee – Fact and Fiction

    I’ll aim to keep this blog fairly short and sweet as it’s very easy to get caught up in the long grass when it comes to the different decaffeinating processes and the impact it has on your cup of Joe. There are plenty of websites out there who will go into the chemistry but few talk about what really matters and that is the taste.
  • Getting your coffee out of hot water

    This is one of those challenging issues that coffee purists will hate but which in reality occurs over and over again in many a foodservice outlet. The coffee machine temperature / pressure (they are interlinked) is set a little too high or has increased over time.
  • A Design Classic

    The explosion in everything coffee has been extraordinary to behold over the last decade or so. New ways of making coffee at home seem to appear every week. Capsules, Pods, Aeropress, Hario and Chemex are products that have gone from having a niche audience to mainstream in an incredibly short period of time. One coffee maker though that has stood the test of time is the Bialetti stove-top coffee maker.
  • Soggy Coffee Grounds - What Does It Mean?

    The title of this blog came from one of our food service customers. The call went something like this……”The ground coffee in our group handle is always wet and soggy and the resultant drink has little to no crema, can you sort it out?”
  • It's All In The Roast

    A couple of years ago I had the privilege of visiting Araku Valley in south east India. The "adventure" resulted in me writing a book "Big Ideas for a Small World" which talked about the huge efforts being made through the help of NAANDI to rebuild the eco-system.
  • Stale Coffee - The Tell Tale Signs

    I was called out by a customer of ours last week complaining that our coffee was tasting bitter and strong compared to what we usually supply. Of course, all sorts of alarm bells ring. Are we roasting too dark, have we ground the coffee incorrectly?
  • Milk Handling and Wastage

    A combination of the SCAA exposition training sessions in Atlanta and a training session yesterday with a customer has really highlighted the importance of proper milk handling procedures.
  • Espresso Machine Cleaning

    The actual problem is overdosing the cleaning powder. 
  • Top Down for Great Milk Foaming

    Making great foam for cappuccinos isn't rocket science, although you might think that when you see the varying quality dispensed at various food service outlets. A little understanding of what makes milk foam helps at this point. 
  • Another Grinder Sick Note

    April seems to have got off to a challenging coffee grinder month. This morning I got a call to check out the setting on a coffee grinder which had been installed as a temporary measure. 
  • Re-grinding Coffee - Just Don't!

    Had an experience today which, if you are a coffee roaster, tends to send shivers down your spine. We had a call from a customer who was experiencing problems with their coffee grinder. For some reason the coffee was coming out extremely coarse.