Cooper & Co

  • Omar and the vision (Part 8)

    The general manager of Copacus Jose “Omar” Rodriguez wasn’t able to meet with us the previous evening but made up for his omission in spades today. He is as I discovered a devout Christian and I nearly found myself in a church that evening, not something that happens very often if at all on these origin trips.

  • London Coffee Festival

    This festival has become one of the highlights of the year for my industry and this year I took two members of our team to experience the energy and enthusiasm that currently resides in our industry.
  • Van Story

    We have replaced our delivery vehicle, something we do every 3-5 years depending upon economic conditions and what else we need to renew. When you think about it, as we have been doing, it’s quite a big deal. If we get it wrong we could have 60 months of regret. Clearly there are the basics - getting the right size vehicle so that you are neither burning too much petrol carrying thin air nor one so small that you can’t fit in sufficient orders for a single delivery. Then there’s the decision as to how you to advertise our business on this white blank canvas.
  • The Magic of Jersey Milk

    Milk has changed so much over the decades, full fat, half fat, skimmed and now milk alternatives such as Almond, Coconut and Soya.
  • Up-Cycling

    The idea to up-cycle a couple of tired soft chairs came out of a response to an article I wrote in a local magazine that goes by the name of “Rural”. For some reason the editor has let me loose to write the closing piece and on the last occasion I chose to comment about how disappointing some of our public planting schemes are these days. Low hanging fruit when it came to that great austerity moment.
  • H.R.H Princess Anne

    Couldn't resist showing you this. H.R.H. Princess Anne is a regular visitor to the Island of Jersey.